Emily Spicer

Nuclear Engineering

Degree you are studying toward:
Bachelor of Engineering

Expected year of graduation:

University of Ontario Institute of Technology

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Fun Facts About Me

If your best friend had to describe you in 10 words or less, what would they say?:
An intelligent and dedicated person excited about ambitious, creative ideas.

Share one fun fact about yourself:
love baseball and the Blue Jays! I have played since I was a kid. I got Justin Smoak's autograph while I was in Detroit watching the Jays, and the next year he was an all star. I always wanted to be the first woman in the MLB, until I discovered engineering.

What do you want to accomplish in the next 10 years?:
Having been inspired by my undergraduate studies, I hope to obtain a masters in the field of energy systems. My goal is to be working at a power generation company looking at the future of electricity and helping develop alternative power sources that are environmentally friendly as well as realistic for the population's growing energy demands.

The most inspiring engineer I know is ....... Because ........?:
The most inspiring engineer I know would be my Grampa. He worked as a civil engineer and still is a quick thinker when problems come up. I grew up watching him always taking things apart to rebuild them with higher functionality. He inspires me to be creative and to always strive for the best version of myself and anything I am working on.

Profile Questions

Why did you choose your program of study?:
I chose Engineering because my high school physics class inspired me to think about all the ways that I could impact the world. I have always liked applications of math and science, and therefore engineering seemed like a logical decision for me. I chose nuclear specifically because I have an interest in clean energy and making the world a better place for the future.

What has been your favourite course (in Engineering) and why?:
My favourite course in my Engineering degree so far has been radiation protection. The course was so practical and easy to relate to real world situations. I like being able to see where the calculations and equipment we used in class would be useful in industry, and that is very easy to picture when you are using identical equipment found in a power generation plant!

What has been the best part of your Engineering education to date?:
The best part of my Engineering education so far has been the opportunity to raise awareness and get other people involved in Engineering. I work as part of an outreach team and am involved with Women in Engineering, which means I get to talk to people and facilitate workshops that get both adults and kids involved in Engineering.

What do you hope to do after you graduate?:
After graduation I hope to use what I know about developing clean and safe energy systems to volunteer or work with non profit organizations with goals to bring clean and abundant energy to developing countries.