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Julia Chernushevich
Program Studied
University(s) / College(s) Attended:
University of Waterloo
Education / Degree(s):
Systems Design Engineering
Current Job Title:
Mechatronics Engineer-In-Training
Current Employer:
University of Waterloo

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Fun Facts About Me

If your best friend had to describe you in 10 words or less, what would they say?

"Be careful what she drags you into!"

Share one fun fact about yourself.

I recently competed on the TV show BattleBots :)

My team didn't make it very far, but I felt that we all learned an incredible amount about mechanical design, manufacturing, designing for repairs, and much much more.

What do you want to accomplish in the next 10 years?

Grow my own food, build things, get a Masters \ P. Eng. \ any other expensive pieces of paper that would add value to my life, and start a family eventually.

The most inspiring engineer I know is ....... Because ........ ?

No one particular person. I think each of us can learn something from every single other person on this planet, whether they are an engineer or not. We just need to learn to listen better, myself included.

Profile Questions

Why did you choose to study engineering?

I've always loved to build things, coupled with the fact that so many things in this world are poorly designed! "One-size-fits-all" fits none, and women are underrepresented in design decisions.

What are your best memories of your engineering education?

Co-op placements & all of the extracurricular activities and clubs that I took part in - I really love the hands-on aspect of learning.

How do you apply your engineering degree to your current career?

In undergrad I once asked myself "Will I ever use any of this knowledge after I graduate?". The answer to that was, "Yes, every single bit of it", because now I teach it all to undergraduate students :)

What do you love most about your career?

The fact that I get paid to work with interesting people, problem-solve, build things, and have fun, all in a very supportive environment. It's also very flexible and my employers have always valued personal and professional development, which is very important to me.

What was the most enjoyable project you've been involved with?

Enjoyable? Hmm... I really enjoyed not sleeping for a few months as my team & I built Bucktooth Burl (our BattleBot). Going from idea, to CAD model & schematics, to a manufactured operating 250-lb robot, entirely ourselves, was the coolest thing ever.

What's next in your career?

Getting my P. Eng., completing a number of Nanodegrees on Udacity (AI, Robotics), and potentially getting a Masters.

What advice would you give to someone hoping to pursue a career in engineering?

It's great to start early. Though it's also never too late to start :) Get your hands dirty! Design things, build things, fail, fail, fail. It's important to fail because that's what you learn the most from. Those who don't try will know far less than those who try and fail!