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Engineering is much more than building structures and machines; it is about using background knowledge and creativity to design solutions to all types of problems. Engineering students are great problem solvers; they are dedicated to their work and studies. Engineers are well versed in science and math but also have a creative streak. They love using their knowledge to solve problems. To be accepted into an engineering degree students have to fulfill a number of requirements. Each post-secondary institution has different requirements but they all include the completion of senior high school science and math in particular physics, chemistry, and calculus. Students can also buffer their application with extra-curricular activities. There are lots of scholarship opportunities for students, in particular young women, to take advantage of.

30 by 30: K-12 Outreach Guide:

This guide is meant to set a path for engineering outreach programs that will help reach 30 by 30, address negative stereotypes, and promote inclusive practices for everyone, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, race, class, or visible/invisible disability. It is intended for use in girl-only and mixed-gender outreach programs.

Here is an infographic to show how you can support students on the path to an engineering degree.

Students can learn more about engineering by visiting a university in their area or attending an outreach event such as Go ENG Girl.

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