Name: Mariah Newman

Program: Mechanical Engineering

University(s) / College(s) Attended: University of British Columbia

Education / Degree(s): Bachelors of Applied Science

Current Job Title: Business Analyst Engineer

Current Employer: Intel Corporation

Fun Facts About Me

Share one fun fact about yourself:
I grew up on an alpaca farm.

The most inspiring engineer I know is ....... Because ........ ?:
@Laylool (Layla Sheikley) because she is inspirational. She works so hard, manages her business, speaks out on important issues, and does it all with an air of grace and humility.

Profile Questions

Why did you choose to study engineering?:
Remember when we were toddlers that would run around asking “WHY?” and when given an answer our only response was “But, why?” Well, some of us never outgrew that stage.

How do you apply your engineering degree to your current career?:
I use my degree to help troubleshoot performance issues on my vacuum and closed loop water systems, and in understanding potential reliability improvement opportunities or capacity driven projects.

What do you love most about your career?:
I love the flexibility. If I decided to move somewhere new in the world, or do something completely different, I have the tools to do so.

What advice would you give to someone hoping to pursue a career in engineering?:
Find an internship that inspires you to tough out the coursework. Engineering can be so many things from exclusively hands on, to a desk job, traveling for sales support roles, etc.. Find what works for you!

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