Natalie Palma

Electrical Engineering

Specialty Program:
Electrical Engineering & Management

Degree you are studying toward:
Bachelor of Engineering and Management

Expected year of graduation:

McMaster University

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Fun Facts About Me

If your best friend had to describe you in 10 words or less, what would they say?:
Studious, responsible, happy, caring

Share one fun fact about yourself:
I like to play the ukulele and flute in my free time

What do you want to accomplish in the next 10 years?:
In the next 10 years I expect to have finished my bachelor’s degree and be working! I hope to be working in a project management/coordination role in the power industry. In my career I hope to continue learning everyday while also educating young girls about the engineering field and encouraging them to do anything they want to do!

The most inspiring engineer I know is ....... Because ........?:
The most inspiring engineering graduate I know is Mina Dezz. She is a civil engineering graduate from University of Toronto and runs the Instagram account @ironringgirls. The account speaks about challenges she faces in her daily life due to being a female in a male dominated field. She also discusses what a day in the life of an engineer is like and celebrates women in the field by posting about their successes! She has done such a great job of empowering girls in STEM and educating people about what being and engineer entails.

Profile Questions

Why did you choose your program of study?:
In high school, I knew I loved math and problem solving. Originally, when I was applying to post-secondary studies, I thought I wanted to be an accountant. I applied to four accounting programs and only one engineering program! However, when it came time to make a choice on my field of study, I realized that engineering was a better fit for me. It involved the maths that I liked, plus the opportunity to better society by solving the worlds big problems! I decided engineering was the best career for me, and I am so glad I did.

What has been the best part of your Engineering education to date?:
The best part of my engineering education so far has been the people I am surrounded by. I have gotten to know so many incredible, intelligent and caring individuals who share many common interests with me. This has really enhanced my university experience.

What do you hope to do after you graduate?:
After my bachelor’s degree I plan to start working right away. I hope to pursue a career in power generation. I have always been passionate about green energy. In Ontario, we have done a great job of implementing environmentally friendly power sources, and I hope to help implement clean energy across the country and continent. I’m also interested in the design of new, efficient power generation technologies

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