Aerospace Engineering

Also known as Space Engineering.


DISCIPLINE FOCUS: Aerospace Engineering is separated into two major branches: aeronautical engineers work with aircraft and astronautical engineers work with spacecraft. They develop and test new technologies that can be used in anything from airplanes and missiles to satellites and rockets. They also create components that will be used on aerospace vehicles. To do this, they usually use computer design software (CAD) or robots to aid them. Their studies are associated with the science and properties of aircraft and spacecraft. It is tightly linked to Mechanical and Mechatronics engineering.

IMPROVING THE WORLD THROUGH AEROSPACE ENGINEERING: Aerospace engineers help improve the world by improving our ability to fly, both in terms of the types of space craft and airplanes used as well as their ability to fly faster and further.
POSSIBLE JOBS: Most aerospace engineers work in the aerospace parts manufacturing industry. However, some aerospace engineers also work in other employment sectors including the automotive industry as well as applying their aerodynamic analysis to structural design.