Architectural Conservation and Sustainability Engineering

DISCIPLINE FOCUS: Architectural Conservation and Sustainability Engineering is a unique engineering discipline focused on sustainable development and heritage conservation. These have become guiding principles for our modern industrial society. With increased awareness of the importance of economic, social and environmental sustainability, expertise in sustainable green building design and heritage conservation is now in high demand. Graduates in architectural conservation and sustainability apply their knowledge in sustainability to the design and retrofit of new and existing buildings, considering areas such as life-cycle costs, impact of selected materials, and energy needs and consumption. They also bring their expertise to the burgeoning field of conservation, as more buildings receive heritage designation and are in need of repair and adaptation. There are two streams offered in the program, which students select after second year. The Structural Stream allows students to take all the structural design courses that a civil engineer completes and the Environmental Stream focuses on water quality and conservation, air quality, life-cycle analysis, and proper recycling and disposal of materials and waste streams.
IMPROVING THE WORLD THROUGH ARCHITECTURAL CONSERVATION AND SUSTAINABILITY ENGINEERING: Designing, managing and protecting our infrastructure with a focus on conservation and sustainability will ensure responsible use of our energy and natural resources while protecting our environment for generations to come.
POSSIBLE JOBS: The Architectural Conservation and Sustainability Engineering program was developed in response to the needs identified by industry: the need for engineers with expertise in heritage conservation and rehabilitation, and sustainable, energy-efficient building design. Our graduates work in engineering consulting and design firms, in all levels of government and with different organizations focussed on heritage conservation and sustainable building design.