Systems Engineering

Also known as Integrated Systems Engineering or Systems Design Engineering

DISCIPLINE FOCUS: Systems engineering is an interdisciplinary field of engineering that focuses on how to design and manage complex engineering projects or systems over their life cycles.Systems engineers look at the organizations of complex processes and systems and use engineering thinking to help streamline and improve upon them. Systems engineering deals with work-processes, optimization methods, and risk management tools in such projects. It overlaps technical and human-centered disciplines such as control engineering, industrial engineering, organizational studies, and project management. Systems engineering ensures that all likely aspects of a project or system are considered, and integrated into a whole.
IMPROVING THE WORLD THROUGH SYSTEMS ENGINEERING: Systems engineers work with many other engineering disciplines. They turn ideas into real systems, examples include water systems, banking systems and health care systems.
POSSIBLE JOBS: Because systems engineering is a broad field, systems engineers have many possible jobs, from working with water systems to robotic systems to banking systems.