Do you have a daughter or nesser who would make a great engineer?
Engineering is much more than building structures and machines. It is about using background knowledge and creativity to design solutions to all types of problems. Engineers are great problem solvers; they are dedicated to their work and studies. Engineers are well versed in science and math but also have a creative streak. They love using their knowledge to solve problems.
Engineering is a great career choice for any student. An engineering degree offers a great stepping stone into a fulfilling career with lots of job opportunities in many fields. Engineering education focuses on teaching students how to think through problems, evaluate resources, and come up with unique and practical solutions; a skill that is valuable in every industry. Engineering careers offer competitive salaries and opportunities for growth within a career or field of interest. Read about the different fields of engineering and some of the career opportunities they offer.
Still not sure what engineers do? If you and your child are interested in learning more about an engineering career or degree, consider attending an information session or outreach program at a school of engineering near you. A great program to learn more about engineering with your daughter/nesser is Go ENG Girl, where parents and children explore the possibilities engineering has to offer together. Click here to find out more about Scholarships and Engineering Programs. Share with your daughters/nessers about What Engineering Is.