Elementary School Students

What do you want to be when you grow up? What about an engineer?

»        Engineers have many unique jobs and work in all different industries.
»        They can work with designing buildings, powering cities,
»        They help people get to where they are going, music and movies, and
»        They also design new technology to help cure illnesses.

Engineers use science, math and creativity to design solutions to many problems such as :

»        improving the environment,
»        helping people overcome disabilities,
»        building new structures
»        Improving computer hardware and programs.

Whatever you are interested in engineers helped in some way to make it possible. 

To become an engineer you have to:

»        take science, physics, and math in high school then
»        attend an engineering program at university!

By exploring this site you can learn about:

»        the different kinds of engineers,
»        hear from some women who choose careers in engineering and
»        get some information to help you along the way!

You can also  find out about remarkable role models.

Here are some more fun ways you can get to know more about Engineering!

Watch a video which showcases girls’ impressions of the different professions and some fantastic women engineers.

Watch a video about Go ENG Girl  a free one-day which provides an exciting opportunity for girls and non-binary youth in grades 7-10 across Ontario and one parent/guardian to visit their local university campus and learn from women professionals, academics and students about the wonderful world of engineering.

Here is a video about Go CODE Girl a free one-day event girls and non-binary youth in grades 7-10 to discover the exciting world of coding and software engineering.

Explore the WEMADEIT a GREAT website, that has been made for high school girls by high school girls!

You can find more fun videos on the Girls4Science YouTube channel.