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Go ENG Girl


Calling all Girls!

Go ENG Girl provides an exciting opportunity for girls in grades 7-10 across Ontario (and now, other provinces) and one parent/guardian to visit their local university campus and learn from women professionals, academics and students about the wonderful world of engineering.

This event is free of cost, and is an opportunity for both Parents and Girls, to learn what engineering is all about and the possibilities that open for the girls, when they choose engineering.

While the girls enjoy fun hands-on activities and student exhibits, their parents are treated to an informative session about the path to a career in engineering.

How to Register

Go ENG Girl is a popular free event and many of the locations will reach capacity prior to the big day. Registration opens around August 31 every year.  If you have attended the Go CODE Girl  and last year's Go ENG Girl event, you will receive an email to let you know that registration is open.  All those interested can watch this space, and reserve your spot by registering in advance when registration opens. Both the girls and one parent/guardian are included in one single registration form, no need to submit a second form for the parent!

Exciting changes this year!  We have upgraded our Registration System, so that you can create an account with us, and come back and register for our other programs!

You are welcome to bring in your tablet/smart phone, as there will be some online activities during the event.  Registration guidelines are available below the locations:

Locations who ran this program in 2016 are listed below:





»         Carleton University 


»         McMaster University 

»         Conestoga College 

»         University of Guelph 

»         Ottawa University EN 

»         Ottawa University (FR) 

»         University of Toronto 

»         University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) Oshawa 

»         University of Waterloo

»         Western University London 

»         Lassonde School of Engineering York University


»         Queen’s University/Royal Military College (Joint)

»         Ryerson University

»         University of Windsor



»         Lakehead University

»         Laurentian University






»         University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) Peterborough

LOCATIONS in other provinces


»       Simon Fraser University 

»      University of British Columbia

»      University of British Columbia 

»      University of Calgary 

»      Université de Moncton – in French.

»      University of Northern British Columbia

»      University of Manitoba 


As we have upgraded our Registration system, here are some guidelines to register on the new system:


Please note that the accounts should be in the name of the participants and not in the name of the parent/guardian.

That way, a family can enroll multiple times for each girl.  The girls will be logging in during the event, to take part in online activities.  For twitter use #GoENGGirl  


Visit the Registration site (button below the guidelines)

  1. Click on the Go ENG Girl logo
  2. Select the province
  3. Choose the location you would like to attend
  4. Click on ‘register’
  5. Complete the form (all fields)
  6. Click on ‘complete registration’
  7. You will be brought to the events details page, where the details of your location will have been published
  8. Above the map there will be a section for event resources, and you can download documents or view videos for your information.  This section will include the permission form which you can download and complete.
  9. A confirmation email will be sent to you.

If there are problems logging into the new registration site, please email us.

 Go ENG Girl registration button

You can log in again, with your name and password, to register for our other programs in future.


Why is this necessary?
Even today, females remain vastly underrepresented in the engineering profession. While the number of female undergraduates studying engineering in accredited programs has increased in recent years, the percentage is still far below that of males.  ONWiE works to dispel stereotypes and encourage young girls to explore this exciting and diverse profession with real-life examples of females who are studying engineering and alumna who are excelling as professional engineers.

If you have a boy that is interested in similar programming, we highly encourage you to explore individual websites of our ONWiE members.  As well, please be aware that we have an inclusive view of the word “girl” and we welcome trans, gender queer and non-binary folks interested in our event.

I'm a teacher, can I bring my class?
As this program is specially designed for girls and their accompanying parent or guardian, we cannot accept class or organization bookings at this time.  If you are interested in bringing a similar program to your class or organization, please contact the university of interest directly.  


Please contact the Coordinator, Rohini Wittke



















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