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Engineering is much more than building structures and machines, it is about using background knowledge and creativity to design solutions to all types of problems.There are lots of choices you have about what career to pursue at University or College. One of those choices is an undergraduate degree in Engineering. Engineering can lead your career on a variety of paths and can be combined with other interests to build a fulfilling career. Getting an undergraduate degree can become a stepping stone into other areas as well as engineering because it focuses on teaching you how to think through problems, evaluate resources, and come up with unique and practical solutions; a skill that is valuable in every industry. Engineering may not be easy but it will be fulfilling, flexible, and interesting. Read about the different fields of engineering and some of the career opportunities they offer.

To be accepted into an engineering degree you have to fulfill a number of requirements. Each post-secondary institution has different requirements but they all include the completion of senior high school sciences and maths, in particular physics, chemistry, and calculus. You can also buffer your application with extra-curricular activities that you enjoy. Many schools will offer you the chance to expand on your extra-curricular activities in a personal interest section. Once you are admitted, there are plenty of scholarship opportunities for students to take advantage of. 

While taking an undergraduate degree in engineering, you become part of the school community. There is lots of opportunity to succeed and have fun along the way. Schools of engineering often have teams and clubs that you can join where you can work on various projects or for several causes in your free time. You can read about the clubs available at your schools or even start your own! If you need some help completing assignments or just want someone to talk to, schools of engineering have resources available to you. You can go for extra help, see an advisor or join a student study group.

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