April 2019

Clarissa Luo is our Ambassador of the Month for April 2019! Clarissa studied civil engineering at Western University, and currently works as an EDP (Engineer in Training) for the Ministry of Transportation – Ontario.

Why did you choose to study engineering?

I did it because I enjoyed science and math in high school and therefore had the right prerequisites to apply. It opens a lot of doors so that you can do almost anything.

How do you apply your degree to your career?

I apply knowledge gained from classes in some aspects of my work but I think more importantly my engineering degree taught me how to problem solve and learn quickly. Those skills are what I apply when I start each rotation, similar to when I started each co-op opportunity that I had through Western. There is a quick learning curve that you have to go through in each position.

What advice do you have for someone hoping to pursue a career in engineering?

Work smart. Focus your energy on the most important things. It takes a lot of work to make it through the years of education, but it’s worth it! Engineering is a challenging, and rewarding career that doesn’t get old, you can learn something new every day.

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