Dua Alam

Biomedical Engineering

Degree you are studying toward:
Bachelor of Engineering Physics and Bachelor of Engineer

Expected year of graduation:

McMaster University

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Fun Facts About Me

Share one fun fact about yourself:
I have a rock collection! Some of my collectibles have come from the Grand Canyon, the Dead Sea and the lakes of Kashmir! Did I mention I love travelling?

What do you want to accomplish in the next 10 years?:
In the next 10 years, I’d like to continue pushing myself to the limit, to step outside of my comfort zone and to learn as much as I possibly can from every experience. I also want to encourage the next generation of girls in STEM to improve the representation of women in this male-dominated field.

The most inspiring engineer I know is ....... Because ........?:
The most inspiring engineer I know is Julie Payette because of her determination. As the first Canadian to walk on board the International Space Station, Payette has been a role model that I have looked up to ever since I first learned about her in sixth grade. As she embraces new roles as the Governor General of Canada, Payette has shown me that exploring other interests and challenging yourself is necessary for personal growth, learning, and advancement.

Profile Questions

Why did you choose your program of study?:
In high school, I always had an aptitude for math and science courses. With the encouragement of my teachers as well as a personal interest in healthcare and engineering, I chose to pursue biomedical engineering. I was super excited when I heard about the iBioMed program at McMaster University, the first program of its kind in Canada to offer an integrated engineering and health sciences program!

What has been your favourite course (in Engineering) and why?:
My favourite course would have to be the health solutions design projects course I took in first year. This team project-based course provided firsthand exposure to the iterative design process. Not only this, but it allowed me to see the true impact that my team’s innovative solutions would have on my client and others. The feeling of accomplishment after bringing your designs to life and the satisfaction of seeing your client using your product is indescribable!

What has been the best part of your Engineering education to date?:
The best part of my engineering education to date would have to be the amazing friends and talented people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and working with. Not only this, but my engineering education has empowered me by giving me the tools and skills needed to bring my ideas into fruition.

What do you hope to do after you graduate?:
I hope to make contributions to my community as well as Canadian society at large using my unique background in biomedical engineering and engineering physics. As a believer of lifelong learning, I also hope to continue learning and improving myself each and every day.

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