Name: Samantha Yuan

Program: Systems Engineering

University(s) / College(s) Attended: University of Waterloo

Education / Degree(s): B.Eng, Master of Applied Science

Current Job Title: Sr. Product Designer

Current Employer: Shopify

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Fun Facts About Me

Share one fun fact about yourself:
I played accordion when I was a kid. Most of my friends think it was a joke when I told them this.

Profile Questions

Why did you choose to study engineering?:
My parents are both engineers, so some of the idea came from them. Engineering, in my opinion, also has a great balance between pure math and art. I have always thought of it as my comfort and creative zone.

What are your best memories of your engineering education?:
I shadowed at a mechanical shop back in my undergrad. I made a bolt from a chunk of raw material all by myself and it worked perfectly!

How do you apply your engineering degree to your current career?:
Being formally trained in engineering helps me see the world differently: underneath the surface where the system lies, I look at how and why do people use it, how it integrates into other systems, what are the implications of changes within the system, etc.

What do you love most about your career?:
I get to research and design products that people use in their day-to-day lives. In other words, I get to solve some of the real challenges people experience everyday.

What advice would you give to someone hoping to pursue a career in engineering?:
Engineering provides you a platform and you make your career the way you want it. Don't be afraid to try new things. What you learn from engineering can always be transferred into skills applicable to other areas.